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Wicked Movie Finds Its Witches

It's been delayed more times than the time dragon clock can count, but good news - the forthcoming Wicked movie is finally happening, with some massive news just being announced.

The two leads for the movie have been announced with Ariana Grande playing Glinda and Cynthia Erivo playing Elphaba. Thank goodness!

Both stars announced the roles on Instagram, with In The Heights director Jon M Chu revealing the moment he told both the stars they had landed the dream roles.

Grande had been previously tipped to land the role of Elphaba in the film adaptation and has recently teamed up with the original Glinda, the legendary Kristin Chenoweth om The Voice in America. A tweet she wrote in 2011 has resurfaced proving that dreams really can come true:

Cynthia Erivo has proved herself a force to be reckoned with in both the West End and Broadway and has even been nominated for an Oscar. She's come a long way since appearing in The X Factor musical I Can't Sing.

The movie finally begins production in 2022 so expect to see it in cinemas around Christmas 2023. Further casting is to be announced. Let's just hope James Corden steers clear of this one!



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