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West End Stars Come Together For Spice Girls Event

Heathers producer Paul Taylor-Mills has announced a new drive in cinema screening of Spice World preceded by a concert featuring five stars from the West end.

Aimie Atkinson will be Ginger Spice, Bronté Barbe will be Baby, Lucie Jones will be Sporty, Zizi Strallen will be Posh and Daneille Steers will be Scary.

The concert will take place on Saturday 1st August at the Troubadour Meridian Theatre. Social distancing guidelines will be strictly followed.

Paul Taylor-Mills began teasing a Spice girls themed announcement last week. Some people theorised this could be a one off Viva Forever revival - though anybody who is disappointed that isn't what this is clearly never saw the original run. He said "Since Feb this year I've not produced . Like everyone who has committed their life to do what they do, it was so hard to just stop, and even harder to not have any signs of returning. Until now. My best friend and I decided we wanted to do something simnply for fun"

And what could be more fun than a concert of Spice girls songs followed by a screening of the movie? You'll need a car to go to this obviously though Spice buses are probably acceptable too.

Tickets are on sale now from Say you'll be there!



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