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The Future Of Jukebox Musicals: 10 Artists I'd Like To See

A few weeks ago, I asked on Twitter what artist or band you would like to see a jukebox musical of? The replies came through thick and fast with hundreds of people commenting a very diverse mix of artists.

There were no rules here - it can be a biopic musical or a story to their music. While jukebox musicals may not be to everybodys taste, I don't think it's fair to immediately dismiss them all as rubbish. The last few years have seen some brilliant ones and I'm sure there's more to come.

I wanted to pull together a list of 10 jukebox musicals I'd like to see based on the most common answers to the tweet and some I am personally desperate to see on the stage. Let me know what you think:


A Kylie musical would surely be amazing if it was done right? She has had countless hits over 5 different decades - the problem would be narrowing down which ones to choose from. There may need to be a 30 minute megamix at the end to really do her justice.

I've heard a Kylie musical is in the works but don't think it's going to happen anytime soon sadly. I've even written my own idea for one with a title, story and song sequence - I'd be happy to work on it officially. Well, I should be so lucky...


This was an interesting suggestion but one I am fully on board with. While their entire discography could make a great jukebox musical, the general consensus seems to be that The Black Parade album should be turned into its own concept musical. While album musicals are less common than jukebox ones, Jagged Little Pill is proof it can be done fairly successfully (ignoring that musicals obvious issues). The Black Parade on stage would be very welcome - I will be there on opening night!


A natural storyteller in her music, A Taylor Swift musical seems inevitable at some stage in the future. I wouldn't be surprised to see Taylor write a musical at some point anyway but taking her existing songs in a theatrical setting could work pretty well. I'd think rather than her life story (or Love story), a fictional tale would work better.


An incredible songwriter (anyone who knows me knows my obsession with this woman) with a truly interesting story of her own, as documented in her recent autobiography. A musical of hers would be full of instantly recognisable songs which if done well could be massive. Which hero wants to bring this one to life?


This was an overwhelmingly popular choice when I put the original tweet. Who doesn't love a bit of Steps? An unofficial Steps musical to the story of Princess Diana was announced in 2020 but went quiet soon after with Steps announcing they were working on something official. No word yet on what form that musical could take and which Royals would be involved but it would be a tragedy if we don't see it in the West End.


Celine's music was MADE to be turned into a musical. Naturally theatrical, it feels like only a matter of time before this happens. With the perfect casting of Alice Fearn ready to jump in, Celine The Musical could be as big as Tina. I know I wouldn't think twice about getting tickets to it.


With countless hits under her belt for 40 years now, a Madonna musical would be absolutely huge. However, it doesn't look like the legendary singer would be keen to agree to one so this isn't one I think we'll be seeing in a hurry but you never know, there may be a ray of light in the future meaning something could change.


Another artist whose lyrics naturally tell a story, a P!nk jukebox musical could be grand. Anyone who has ever been to any of her live shows know all the art that goes into making her shows a spectacle and I imagine a jukebox musical would be the same. And let's be honest, anything less than f**kin perfect would be a disappointment!


With quite an eclectic mix of songs to her impressive catalogue, a Beyoncé musical would certainly be interesting. I imagine this is the kind of show she would have full creative control of if her visual albums are anything to go by, but just imagine the possibility... and that's not even thinking about a Destiny's child musical!


The most random entry on the list by far but another one whose music forms natural stories. His stint hosting Eurovision reminded the world what a talent he is and how brilliant his music is, so imagine how camp and joyous a Mika musical would be? Let's hope this is one idea that has a happy ending.

Among the replies I got, some of the most common and interesting ones were Lady Gaga, Kate Bush, The Carpenters, Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Prince, Girls Aloud, McFly and Janelle Monae. Definitely some interesting choices.

So what do you think? Which of these musicals would you see in a heartbeat? Which ones make you shudder at the thought? And who is missing from this list that you think is crying out for a jukebox musical? Let me know in the comments or at

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