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The 12 Best Musical Cast Lockdown Videos

Sometimes you don't need a stage or even the ability to leave your living room to put on a show as has been proven by some of the West ends finest over the past two months.

Creativity juices have been flowing and some unique lockdown videos have been made by entire casts of shows (some from different productions around the world) and stars from different shows joining forces to create something special.

Until things return to normal, this is a welcome distraction from the mundane so I have rounded up some of the greatest and most memorable videos that have been made over the last month or so.

SIX (6.1)

The first of 2 videos related to SIX on this list. This is a gender reversing version featuring Layton Williams, Jordan Luke Gage, Rob Houchen, Arun Blair-Mangat, Oliver Ormson and Marcus Collins as Henry VIII's ex... well, husbands I guess.


Remaining dates on the UK tour have been pushed back from this summer to next year but that hasn't stopped casts past and present from the musical based on the songs of Queen getting together (from the comforts of their homes obviously) to record a new version of the classic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The legend that is Brian May also makes an appearance.


My personal favourite musical. 'You will be found' is emotional enough at the best of times but since lockdown has started it has become even more special. Original Broadway Evan Ben Platt performed this with cast members from the Broadway and US Tour productions.

Skip to 2.19 to miss out James Cordens ramblings. The sentiment might be sweet this time but he's still an irritating personality vacuum.


'Bring him home' is an emotional song at the best of times but in this current situation, it has found a whole new level. Former cast members including Alfie Boe, John Owen Jones and Rob Houchen do their best to make us all cry.


Need some light relief after those last 2 emotional videos? Thank God for the West end cast of Only Fools and Horses. Lovely jubbly!


They may not be able to tell their story on stage at the moment but you can't stop &Juliet. The cast of the brilliant musical all recorded this version of the Backstreet Boys classic 'I want Anne Hathaway'. Just look at that cast though. The talent is insane!


The current touring cast of the spectacular slightly Marmite Jim Steinman musical have teamed up to record a version of 'Out of the frying pan and into the fire'


Casts from different productions of the underrated musical version of Titanic have come together to sing the appropriately titled 'We'll meet tomorrow'

SIX (Again)

The biggest video on this list. Cast members past and present from productions all over the world team up for this spectacular megasix.

To play this video, view this post from your live site.


There's always one thing guaranteed to cheer anybody up and that is ABBA. The West end cast of Mamma mia are here to put a much needed smile on our face.

To play this video, view this post from your live site.


If you were lucky enough to catch Dreamgirls when it was in the West end, you will know just how incredible the entire cast were. If you weren't lucky enough, never fear - some of the cast including Amber Riley have recorded 'One night only' in lockdown.


There was only one video I could end on. Today is VE day, marking 75 years since the end of World War 2. To mark the occasion, Dame Vera Lynn has teamed up with some of the greatest the West end has to offer to record a version of 'We'll Meet Again'. Expect to see Alfie Boe, Cassidy Janson, Kerry Ellis and Bradley Jaden in this emotional rendition.

What was your favourite?

Which of these will be your first show back when theatres reopen?

Let me know in the comments or at



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