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Streaming Review: West End Musical Drive In (4)

West End Musical Drive In has been a reliable source for us when we have needed a stagey fix in the times theatres have remained closed. Through their season last year and ahead of their next one beginning in April, they are currently streaming some of the best shows from last year so we can all relive the magic. This weeks theme was a Disney favourite.

This week, former cast members from Disney's Aladdin reunited to celebrate the iconic show as well as all things musical theatre. Host Shanay Holmes welcomed Trevor Dion Nicholas, Hiba Elchikhe and Aladdin himself Matthew Croke on to the stage for some truly unforgettable performances.

Aladdin fans made do with five songs from the show during this outdoor concert. Matthew Croke did a beautiful performance of 'Proud of your boy' while Hiba Elchikhe revisited her role as Jasmine for a rendition of 'These Palace Walls'. Together, they sung one of the most well loved Disney songs of all time - the truly iconic 'A Whole New World'.

Trevor Dion Nicholas won legions of fans as the Genie and his showstopping version of the classic 'Friend Like Me' was one of the standout moments of the concert. He was joined on stage by Matthew Croke for 'Somebody's Got Your Back' where the chemistry between the pair was undeniable.

It wasn't just Aladdin in the show though. Trevor kept the Disney theme going with a performance of 'Be Prepared', noting that Scar from The Lion KIng is his dream role. Hiba performed 'It Means Beautiful' from Everybody's Talking About Jamie - a show she is currently a cast member of, as well as a stunning version of 'Burn' from Hamilton.

If you haven't seen Matthew Croke on stage before, you may be familiar with him as a contestant on The Voice. While, sadly, he is no longer in the competition. He performed a song from his album that was also his audition choice for the show with a truly spine-tingling rendition of 'Come From May' from Moulin Rouge as well as performing numbers from Dear Evan Hansen, Grease and even a bit of Elton John.

Aladdin wasn't the only musical to get a ruenion at this event. Trevor Dion Nicholas joined forces with his Hamilton co-star Karl Queensborough for an incredible performance of 'One Last Time' from the show that would make any fan of the smash hit show miss it even more than they already do. Trevor is a powerhouse of a performer. Whenever he was on stage, the result was electric and this show was a perfect showcase of his fantastic talents.

It is worth mentioning in these reviews every week that these shows were never planned for public streaming so don't be surprised by questionable camerawork or the edit. What we are watching is an unedited show that was filmed live and should be treated as live. It does a great job of recreating the atmosphere and make us feel like we were actually there.

This was another fantastic installment of the West End Musical Drive In series. Reuniting the casts of two incredible shows and featuring some truly phenomenal performances and a brilliant setlist showcasing the best of musical theatre, this is a great 90 minutes for any fan of musicals.


Shanay Holmes - When You're Good To Mama

Hiba Elchikhe - Burn

Matthew Croke - Proud Of Your Boy

Trevor Dion Nicholas - Wheels Of A Dream

Matthew Croke & Hiba Elchikhe - As Long As You're Mine

Matthew Croke - Waving Through A Window

Trevor Dion Nicholas - Be Prepared

Trevor Dion Nicholas & Matthew Croke - Somebody's Got Your Back

Hiba Elchikhe - These Palace Walls

Matthew Croke - Come What May


Shanay Holmes - I'm Every Woman

Hiba Elchikhe - It Means Beautiful

Hiba Elchikhe & Matthew Croke - A Whole New World

Trevor Dion Nicholas & Karl Queensborough - One Last Time

Matthew Croke - Sandy

Trevor Dion Nicholas - Ease On Down The Road

Matthew Croke - I'm Still Standing

Trevor Dion Nicholas - Friend Like Me

Shanay Holmes - You Can't Stop The Beat


This installment of West End Musical Drive In is streamed on on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th March at 7pm.

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