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Streaming Review: Soft Sessions

Following the success of the YouTube series Soft Sessions, a group of major West End performers have united for Soft Sessions Live In Concert.

The theme of this concert is quite simple - a laidback affair with the intention to make you relax while appreciating the talent performing for you at the same time. An intimate setting with stripped back accompaniment and softer vocals in certain performances, the purpose of this is to take musical theatre artists out of their comfort zones.

The setting of the concert creates a relaxing enviornment that gives a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everything going on in the world today. Soothing while captivating, the performers relish the opportunity to use a sweeter side of their voice they may not always get the opportunity to use.

A group of six performers take turns performing both solo numbers and teamimg up with their fellow performers to create some unique duets. The duets include Courtney Stapleton and Grace Mouat delivering a gorgeous 'Teach You, Eloise Davies and Martha Kirby's beutiful rendition of Chloe x Halle's 'Don't make it harder on me' and the sole upbeat number of the show with Danielle Fiamanya and Jake Halsey-Jones tackling Luther Vandross' timeless classic 'Never Too Much'.

Solo numbers included an inspired mashup from Grace Mouat of 'Happy Together' with 'My Funny Valentine; We were treated to two Beyoncé numbers with Martha Kirby giving a goosebump inducing performance of forgotten gem 'Resentment' while Danielle Fiamanya showed phenomenal versatility and restraint in her voice with a hushed yet powerful performance of 'Runnin (Lose It All)' delivering the standout performance of the concert.

If you're looking for a nice escape from the worries of life, Soft Sessions is the perfect release. The ability to sit back and lose yourself in some more chilled performances than these concerts usually feature was a refreshing change and overall a fantastic piece of online theatre to enjoy.


Grace Mouat & Courtney Stapleton - Teach You

Grace Mouat - Happy Together/My Funny Valentine

Courtney Stapleton & Eloise Davies - Hide & Seek (Blue)

Eloise Davies & Martha Kirby - Don't Make It Harder On Me

Martha Kirby - Resentment

Danielle Fiamanya & Jake Halsey-Jones - Never Too Much

Jake Halsey-Jones - All Fired Up

Danielle Fiamanya - Runnin' (Lose It All)


Soft Sessions is available to stream until Saturday 2nd May. Get your ticket from


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