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Stellar Cast Assemble For New Lockdown Performance

Last week, we were all treated to an incredible lockdown performance of The Last Five Years. It was great but it wasn't enough and we were all desperate for more. I've got good news for you as more is on the way.

Lambert Jackson Productions have announced they have developed another one of Jason Robert Browns shows - this time it's the turn of Songs For A New World.

The show features a series of seemingly unrelated songs, all connected by the theme of a moment of decision. This production will be filmed in isolation, as The Last Five Years was and will be streamed online later this month.

Songs For A New World will have a tough act to follow but it's got a good chance with an incredible cast on board. Rachel Tucker from Wicked and Come From Away, Cedric Neal from The View Upstairs and Back To The Future, Rachel John from Hamilton and The Bodyguard and Ramin Karimloo from The Phantom of the Opera will all to come together... separately of course to deliver what is sure to be an unmissable performance.

The show will be available for three nights from the 23rd to 25th July. Tickets will go on sale on Friday from

I'm definitely getting tickets for this one.

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