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Six Stars Unite For Drive In Concert

The history of Six doing drive in shows was more dramatic than one of Henry VIII's marriages. First it was announced and everybody lost their heads buying tickets - then sooner than you could say "Divorced, beheaded..." it was dead - cancelled due to uncertainty around government guidelines, leaving the Queendom devastated.

All's well that ends well though and for one night just for you, 11 of Henry's ex wives are live!

Henry might have only had six ex wives but 11 of them are getting together for a one off performance at 'West End Musical Drive In' on Saturday 12th September.

Courtney Bowman, Maddie Bulleyment, Collette Guitart, Sophie Isaacs, Vicki Manser, Shekinah McFarlane, Grace Mouat, Natalie Paris, Jarneia Richard-Noel, Courtney Stapleton and Jodie Steele are the 11 ex wives taking part in the concert.. The two hour show kicks off at 1.30pm and tickets are available from

While it is a drive in concert, fans without cars will be able to attend in small groups.

Other shows as part of the West End Musical Drive In series are John Owen Jones, Sophie Evans and Oliver Saville on Saturday 8th August, and Layton Williams with Trevor Dion-Nicholas, Shan Ako & Maiya Qaunsah-Breed on Saturday 29th August.

It might not be the mammoth tour the Queens were planning but at least there's a chance to see some of the cast past and present perform before theatres reopen.



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