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Review: Algorithms (Park Theatre)

Following an award-winning adaptation into an Audible Original series, writer and performer Sadie Clark returns to the stage with Algorithms

Algorithms is an energetic, one-woman show about the millennial experience; in particular, the unique blend of hell and joy that is living, working, and dating in London. Brooke (Sadie Clark) is nearing her 30th birthday and following a devastating breakup with her girlfriend Amira, her employer asks her to become a guinea pig for their dating app ‘SwipeHustle’.

As a series of bad dates ensue (despite her use of a complicated rating system to ensure dating success) coupled with growing pressure from her mother to celebrate her birthday with a joint wedding-anniversary party, Brooke begins to unravel. Lost in a cycle of doom-scrolling and reminiscing past relationships, Sadie narrates her desperate search for a perfect partner, and a perfect life - symbolised by the podium which takes centre stage on the minimalist set. 

Clark’s talent for writing shines through in this show, blending the hilarious and the heartfelt with ease. As someone who is also (unfortunately) closing in on their 30th birthday, there is a lot to relate to in Clark’s writing. With awkward humour and witty asides, in 2024 it may not be a groundbreaking show with easy comparisons to Pheobe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, or Sara Pascoe’s Out of Her Mind but that does not mean that it isn’t an enjoyable way to spend an hour. At the very least, it’s probably cheaper and more enjoyable than therapy (disclaimer: this is not a professional medical opinion). 

Not only is Clark’s talent for writing apparent but so too is her acting ability as she flits easily between highly effective and humourous depictions of the side characters in her story, such as her own mother or her boss. Madeline Moore’s direction compliments Clark’s acting ability perfectly, allowing her to shine with a simple but effective soundscape (Nicola T Chang) that successfully elevates the humour within Clark’s script. 

Sometimes, we need a reminder that we aren’t alone in our feelings. A culture of being terminally online has often been said to this generation feeling more isolated than ever before. It’s easy to see the successes of everyone you’ve ever met on an Instagram feed, from new jobs to new houses, and comparison is very much the thief of joy. But Clark explores this reality whilst finding plenty of joy in her show, and encourages us to do the same - after all, there is nothing quite like singing Natasha Beddingfield in a room of strangers. 

Algorithms plays at the Park Theatre until May 11th

For tickets and information visit

Photos by Ali Wright



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