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Phantom Sets West End Return Date And Reveals First Casting

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

It's been the most dramatic show closure of the year. Between Cameron Mackintosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber saying conflicting things, the future of the long running The Phantom of the Opera felt uncertain.

Now we finally have some clarity on the matter. After Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed yesterday he is making plans for the show to return to its long running home of Her Majesty's Theatre in June, it has been revealed that the show is planned to re-open on June 5th 2021. This is providing the government has lifted social distancing rules as Cameron Mackintosh has stated the show needs to play at full capacity.

Killian Donnelly will return to the play the Phantom. He will be on Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two on BBC Two tomorrow night performing the iconic 'Music Of The Night'.

There is still no confirmation on what production will be playing. As the theatre went under major renovation this year, the original stage was loaded out. It has been said that when it returns it will be a new version of the show as opposed to the classic original.

The fact we know the show will be returning is a good sign as for a while it looked like the West End might be without Phantom for the entirety of next year.

Tickets are on sale now from



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