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New Song Cycle 'Now Or Never' To Be Streamed Completely Live

The Barn Theatre have announced their most ambitious live stream to date - Now or Never.

Now or Never is a song cycle written by Matthew Harvey. The show follows 7 people as they each take a defiant act of positivity in what could be their last week on Earth. It will stream completely live for one night only on April 1st p and no, the overly ambitious project is not an April Fools joke!

Matthew Harvey said “What’s been really inspiring to me, and probably the driving force behind Now or Never is the amount of good that has been happening in spite of the pandemic, especially within the theatrical community. I’ve watched countless streamed productions and even a handful of in-person ones that have been defiantly thrown together with love, from a community that have really struggled throughout the pandemic, but are still doing what they love, wherever and whenever they can. So, I wanted to write a song cycle that was all about hope in the face of catastrophe.”

Also involved with the project is Ryan Carter who was responsible for the groundbreaking interactive concert The Secret Society of Leading Ladies. Continuing to push the limits of what is possible with virtual productions, Now or Never will be presented as a non-stop one-shot song cucle with one camera navigating the entire building, featuring 7 characters moving between 7 spaces.

Ryan Carter said “What I love about working for the Barn is that I'm able to create without worrying about whether the team will be able to make it work. I could pitch a 40-minute, one-shot, live vocals, 7 spaces, no stop-and-starts, no cuts live stream, and not sweat one bit about whether we’d pull it off. I’m also absolutely thrilled to have been trusted with the creative vision of this piece's premier. The song cycle has a real future ahead of it, so it’s not lost on me that I get to look after its first iteration.”

Now Or Never is written by Matthew Harvey with creative direction by Ryan Carter. Freddie Tapner acts as Musical Supervisor. Full Casting and Creative team will be announced shortly.

Tickets are available now for £10. The concert will be streamed live on Thursday 1st April at 6.30pm.

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