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New Ghost Story 'When Darkness Falls' Heading To London

It's been a week of many announcements for the world of theatre with new shows and venues re-opening coming thick and fast. You can never have too much of a good thing though which is why news of a brand new show opening next month is very welcome.

When Darkness Falls is a brand new spine-chilling ghost story. It will play a limited season from November 23rd until December 12th at The Union Theatre in London. The play is written by James Milton and Paul Morrissey, who also directs. It will star Will Barton and Alex Phelps. The audience inside will be socially distanced.

The synopsis of When Darkness Falls is as follows:

Set on the island of Guernsey, John Blondel, a history teacher, runs the local Historical Society.  Tonight, as part of the Society’s weekly vlog, a young paranormal expert has been invited to give a talk on the island’s paranormal history. As John films, the Speaker’s stories – many of which are based on true events – unfold and delve into dark pasts, revealing disturbing truths and unforgettable terrors.

Director and co-writer, Paul Morrissey, says, "In many ways, maybe we’re all haunted. By the past. By regret. By shame. By things that have embedded themselves deep within us. A kind of trauma, that we relive. As we ‘see’ these events unfold, again and again, it’s quite clear that ghosts are very real. When Darkness Falls is a spine-chilling new play about the power of stories. Perhaps most importantly, the ones we tell ourselves."

The producers added, "We are thrilled to welcome live audiences back to the theatre with this brand new 'edge-of-your' seat thriller. It has been a tough time for everyone, and so we couldn’t be more excited to be one of the first shows to get up and running in London.  Our seating capacity has been reduced and arranged to comply with government social distancing regulations, but this won’t stop us from giving audiences the most incredible night out."

Best of all, the theatre are offering their very own "Seat out to Help out" offer which will provide 20 seats for each of the first three performances on sale for just £15.



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