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MJ The Musical: 1st Night Recap

by Daz Gale

After blowing Broadway audiences away with its Tony award-winning run, the King of Pop gets his very own musical in the West End as one of the biggest musicals of the year, MJ The Musical, is now open at the Prince Edward Theatre. I don't get to go to many first nights anymore due to always being out reviewing but knew this was one musical I had to be at as soon as possible so bought tickets to experience the magic on its first preview (6th March 2024).

As with my other first-night posts, this won't be a review of the show as it is still in previews - though I may give the briefest of teases of what to expect and perhaps what you can expect when I return to review the show later this month. Instead, this will be a picture-heavy look at the theatre, the stage and the curtain call.

The Prince Edward Theatre outside has been transformed with MJ's red colour scheme and classic images of Michael Jackson's most iconic moves adorning the walls.

As you walk in, the cast list is hidden away at the side of the front door:

There is a lot of merchandise to choose from including two tote bags, several t-shirts, two magnets and even one of Michael's signature gloves (sold as a single glove obviously, not a pair)

There is also a normal programme and a larger brochure available - not something you always see on a first night as brochures often launch a few weeks into the run.

As you walk in to the theatre, this is the sight of the stage that greets you:

and a closer look at some of the writing on the curtain

There is some pre-show activity on stage before the action begins as cast members assemble awaiting Michael's arrival with a 5 minute announcement of the show starting:

As for the show itself, it's fair to say I'm a fan of musical theatre but you may not know I was raised on Michael Jackson's music and have loved it all of my life. The buzz MJ The Musical got since its Broadway debut has had me excited to see it for myself for years and I don't think I'm giving much away by saying it didn't disappoint.

I'll be returning on 27th March in full theatre reviewer mode, switching on that side of my brain but as a musical theatre lover and a Michael Jackson fan, this show has plenty to appeal to both. Some showstopping sequences including 'Thriller' which may well be the greatest performance you will see in the West End at the moment.

As for leading man Myles Frost, don't be surprised if his Tony award is joined by an Olivier next year!

Here are some pictures from the curtain call:

And here's a video of tonight's curtain call

It's fair to say the West End just got a lot more exciting with this thriller of a show. Look out for my review later this month. In the meantime, tickets are available from



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