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First London Theatre Sets Plans To Reopen

In some much needed positive news, The Troubadour theatre in Wembley has become the first London venue to submit plans to reopen.

The Troubadour is looking to reopen its doors on August 25th with the launch of Sleepless, the musical based on the movie Sleepless in Seattle and reuniting Jay McGuinness and Kimberley Walsh on their second Tom Hanks musical in a row.

The move is awaiting government permission - however tickets are already on sale for the new socially distanced audience. Rather than buy assigned seats, you buy general admission tickets for different areas in the auditorium - the more expensive ones being closer to the stage. Seats will then be assigned either after booking or on arrival based on social distanced guidelines.

Tickets range from £15 to £75. A special NHS gala performance will be held on August 27th with free tickets being given out to NHS workers.

It might not be the Sondheim or the Dominion theatre - it might not even be in the West end (though only a short tube ride away) but it's a start, and a much needed piece of good news for the future of theatres.


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