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Bonnie & Clyde Return: 1st Night Recap

After raising a little Hell with its run at the Arts theatre last year, Bonnie & Clyde is back in the West End bigger and better than ever with a limited run of 11 weeks at the Garrick Theatre. I was there in the front row for the first night tonight (Saturday 4/3/23) and can share what to expect from everyone's favourite outlaws this time around.

As with my other first night posts this will be a picture heavy look at the theatre, the stage and the curtain call with little bits of information about the show. - and teasing some of the changes from last year you can expect to see this time around.

If you're waiting for my actual review, that will be posted after press night on Wednesday 8/3/23.

The theatre outside is decked out with huge posters of Bonnie and Clyde and other cast members underneath with reviews from last years run surrounding the theatre... including one from yours truly.

I said what I said.

Inside, the merchandise is mostly identical to last years with the addition of a brand new tote bag.

The set has had a bit of an upgrade, making full use of the larger space to the Arts theatre with new props, set pieces and new projections giving a largely different look to last years production - though some of the elements remain.

The smoking hole curtain before the show starts is a new addition

While the act 2 curtain is an old favourite reminding me of the original design for the concert in January 2022

If you're wondering what the view from the front row is like - I am pleased to report it's flawless. Whereas the Garrick stage was a lot higher for The Drifters Girl, it is pleasingly lower for this production meaning you won't have a restricted view or a stiff neck at all.

So now we come to the changes to the show this year. Look away if you don't want to know.

One of the songs last year has been removed altogether so no more 'Here In Our Hearts' though a new reprise of 'That's What You Call A Dream' is a new highlight.

Some moments have been cut altogether, replaced with newer ones. We have new dialogue and even a brand new scene towards the shows climax, quoting something the real Bonnie Parker wrote.

There is new staging such as Dom Hartley-Harris' taking us to church on an amped up 'God's Arms Are Always Open' while another new cast member Jodie Steele brings us her own take on Blanche.

One of the biggest changes is no more children. Young Bonnie and Clyde are now played by Frances and Jordan themselves in a very different opening to the show, while Jordan now gets a moving monologue in act 2 which was previously recited by his younger self.

This is still the Bonnie & Clyde you know and love but revised with new bits to make the whole thing feel brand new again.

Here are some pictures of the incredible cast from the curtain call:

So what was my verdict on the show?

You'll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out. However, it's safe to say my favourite show of 2022 could be a contender for my favourite show of 2023 as well.

I have a feeling you'll be seeing this sign outside the Garrick Theatre for this killer show a lot over the next 11 weeks

Bonnie & Clyde plays at the Garrick Theatre until 20th May 2023. Tickets are available at

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