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Bonnie & Clyde Future Teased At Final Performance

Today saw the final performance of the first West End run of Bonnie & Clyde at the Arts Theatre.

With lots of speculation about the shows future, many were expecting an announcement about a West End transfer to be made at the final shows curtain call. However, before the show, producer Dan Looney could be spotted wearing this sign:

After the cast took their bows after a particularly emotional and incredible final performance, Dan came on stage to make a speech, making it clear this is not the end for Bonnie & Clyde.

He mentioned to stay tuned for an imminent announcement on the first ever UK tour for the show, as well as news of the long rumoured and wished for London cast recording.

He didn't mention the Bonnie & Clyde concert recording with Jeremy Jordan from Drury Lane in January but that is still on the radar, with more news to follow in due course.

In terms of future life in the West End, he spoke about working to make it happen but nothing is ready to be announced just yet. He did say though that it will be returning in the future but where or when is anyones guess at the moment.

Here is his speech in full:

Bonnie & Clyde's run at the Arts Theatre has been nothing short of exceptional. Selling out weeks in advance, the show became the talk of the town and grew into something incredibly special. My personal favourite show of the year, I have loved my repeat visits to this spectacular piece of theatre and can't wait to see it again in all of its future forms.

Here are some pictures from curtain call tonight:


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