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70 Concerts From 'Leave A Light On' Series To Be Streamed Again

Lambert Jackson Productions and The Theatre Cafe have today announced that a whopping 70 instalments of their brilliant Leave A Light On series will return for an encore stream.

70 performances from across the two series will be re-streamed via running every day at 5pm and 8pm from Monday 15th March until Saturday 24th April.

The series' featured performances from some of the biggest names in theatre including Jordan Luke Gage, Cassidy Janson, Lucie Jones, Beverley Knight and Layton Williams.

It was launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent national lockdowns. It presented a variety of performances livestreamed from artists’ homes, to provide income for performers who found themselves without work, supporting almost 80 artists across its two series, as well as offering entertainment to audiences unable to access live shows.

Jamie Lambert and Eliza Jackson said today, “Leave a Light On was born out of the pandemic and the industry’s closure – we wanted to provide artists with the opportunity for paid work, and were thrilled we were able to support almost 80 performers across the two series. We’re incredibly proud of both series and the sheer quality of these at-home concerts, so are delighted to be able to share many of these performances with audiences again!”

The lineup is as follows:


Monday 15th March, 5pm - Vicki Manser

Monday 15th, 8pm - David Hunter

Tuesday 16th, 5pm - Steph Parry

Tuesday 16th, 8pm - Olivia Moore & Piers Bate

Wednesday 17th, 5pm - Gina Murray

Wednesday 17th, 8pm - Cassidy Janson

Thursday 18th, 5pm - Julie Atherton

Friday 19th, 5pm - Nadim Naaman

Friday 19th, 8pm - Rachel Tucker

Saturday 20th, 8pm - Lucie Jones

Sunday 21st, 5pm - Beverley Knight

Sunday 21st, 8pm - Sophie Evans


Monday 22nd March, 5pm - Adam Bailey & Scott Hunter

Monday 22nd, 8pm - Natalie May Paris

Tuesday 23rd, 5pm - Lizzie Bea

Tuesday 23rd, 8pm - Dean John Wilson

Wednesday 24th, 5pm - Laura Baldwin

Wednesday 24th, 8pm - Sam Tutty

Thursday 25th, 5pm - Josh Piterman

Thursday 25th, 8pm - Jordan Luke Gage

Friday 26th, 5pm - Tim Mahendran

Friday 26th, 8pm - John Owen-Jones

Saturday 27th, 5pm - Emma Kingston

Saturday 27th, 8pm - David Hunter (2)

Sunday 28th, 5pm - Grace Mouat

Sunday 28th, 8pm - Rob Madge


Monday 29th March, 5pm - Miracle Chance

Monday 29th, 8pm - Nicole Raquel Dennis

Tuesday 30th, 5pm - Bronte Barbe

Tuesday 30th, 8pm - Jarneia Richard-Noel

Wednesday 31st, 5pm - Grace Farrell

Wednesday 31st, 8pm - Blake Patrick Anderson

Thursday 1st April, 5pm - Sarah O'Connor

Thursday 1st, 8pm - Sophie Isaacs

Friday 2nd, 5pm - Layton Williams

Friday 2nd, 8pm - Alice Fearn

Saturday 3rd, 5pm - Lucie Jones (2)

Saturday 2rd, 8pm - Lauren Drew

Sunday 4th, 5pm - Dave Willetts

Sunday 4th, 8pm - Ashford Campbell


Monday 5th, 5pm - Hannah-Grace Lawson

Monday 5th, 8pm - David O'Reilly

Tuesday 6th, 5pm - Evelyn Hoskins

Tuesday 6th, 8pm - Lauren Drew

Wednesday 7th, 5pm - Sabrina Eloueche

Wednesday 7th, 8pm - Kelly Mathieson

Thursday 8th, 5pm - Katie Rowley Jones

Thursday 8th, 8pm - Lauren Byrne

Friday 9th, 5pm - Caroline Kay

Friday 9th, 8pm - Alistair Brammer

Saturday 10th, 5pm - Lauren Samuels

Saturday 10th, 8pm - Jodie Steele

Sunday 11th, 5pm - Jamie Lambert

Sunday 11th, 8pm - Danielle Steers


Monday 12th, 5pm - Billy Nevers

Monday 12th, 8pm - Vicky Vox

Tuesday 13th, 5pm - The Grad Fest

Tuesday 13th, 8pm - Nick McLean

Wednesday 14th, 5pm - Chelsea Halfpenny

Wednesday 14th, 8pm - Tim Mahendran (2)

Thursday 15th, 5pm - Rachel John

Thursday 15th, 8pm - Simon Bailey

Friday 16th, 5pm - Joel Harper Jackson

Friday 16th, 8pm - Declan Egan

Saturday 17th, 5pm - Christine Allado & Luke Brady

Saturday 17th, 8pm - Daniel Koek

Sunday 18th, 5pm - Nathaniel Morrison

Sunday 18th, 8pm - Zoe Birkett


Thursday 22nd, 8pm - Evie Rose Lane

Friday 23rd, 8pm - Daniel Boys

Saturday 24th, 8pm - Velma Celli

Each concert runs between 45 and 60 minutes approximately and costs £7.99 plus £2 transaction fee.

Tickets for all concerts are available from



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