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Songs For A New World To Be Performed At The Palladium

Lambert Jackson Productions are killing it with the announcements this week, The latest is the biggest one to date! Following the online performance of Jason Robert Browns Songs For A New World last month, it has been announced the show is heading for the London Palladium next month.

You read that right. A real life theatre. And yes, with a real audience!

The show will take place on Sunday 11th October for 2 special performances at 3pm and 7.30pm. Tickets are available now, ranging from £32.30 - £48.80

Jamie Lambert and Eliza Jackson said "It's a total joy to announce a return to live performance with the first musical to return to the West end. To be able to share in the power of collective experience with these incredible performers and an audience together for the first time in over six months reminds us why our industry is so vital"

The Palladium is welcoming back its first audiences since it closed in March 2020. In line with Government guidance, it will be hosted under social distancing with venue-wide safety mitigations including the wearing of face coverings

Four members of the cast from the online production will be reprising their roles - Rachel Tucker, Rachel John, Cedric Neal and Shem Omari James, with Waitress star David Hunter completing the line up.

Songs For A New World is "about one moment. It's about hitting the wall and having to make a choice... or take a stand... or turn around and go back". Rather than being a musical, this is a song cycle with all the songs unconnected apart from sharing the moment of making a decision.

I adored the online production when it was aired and gave it 5 stars in my review so very excited about seeing it on stage!



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