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Keeping Up Your Theatre Fix - More Shows To Watch Online

Following Boris Johnson's new guidelines of go out but don't go out, stay home but don't stay home and go to work but don't go to work, it is clear that lockdown isn't ending anytime soon... maybe. It might have ended yesterday for all we know!

Last week I made a post about all the best shows you can watch online. You may have exhausted that list already and more shows have been made available so here is another post about it. As we all know, sequels are ALWAYS better than the first so please think of this as the 'Love Never Dies' to the first posts 'Phantom Of The Opera'.

BroadwayHD have added the recent West end revival of the 1980 classic Fame to their vast collection of shows. This version stars the legendary Mica Paris amongst others.

Available from where you can watch it for free if you sign up for a 7 day trial.

I'd also highly recommend 42nd Street on BroadwayHD - the best filmed musical you will see online!

Since last weeks post, National Theatre have announced four new titles to their 'At Home' series. A new show is uploaded at 7pm each Thursday and available to watch for a week.

Currently you can watch Antony & Cleopatra. The next titles are:

May 14th - Barber Shop Chronicles

May 21st - A Streetcar Named Desire (starring Gillian Anderson)

May 28th - This House

June 4th - Coriolanus (starring Tom Hiddleston)

Meow! Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced the next title to be streamed as part of his The Shows Must Go On series and it is the seminal classic Cats - not the recent movie unfortunately (though that is available to buy at your local Poundland). This is the 1998 production starring Elaine Paige as Grizabella.

This will be available from Friday ay 7pm from but this week will only be available for 24 hours in the UK instead of the usual 48.

As always, look out for my review on Saturday. The good news is, after By Jeeves, this is no longer my least favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber show.


If you're looking for something new to watch, give this a try. Starring Caroline Sheen and David Thaxton, this World War 2 story is about a dangerous mission that holds the key to the success of the D Day Landings.

The musical is available to watch completely for free here by pressing play.

On All That Dazzles, I like to mention a variety of places where streaming is available. It's not all about the big hitters, sometimes it's about the lesser known places. In these trying times we mustn't forget the little guys.

With that in mind let me tell you of a new website I've discovered. It is called Amazon.

Amazon Prime have a variety of musicals you can rent and download, including The Last Five Years which is free with Prime and the incredible Miss Saigon which you can rent for £2.49. If something has been filmed and released but is not available on somewhere like BroadwayHD, Amazon is your best bet to satisfy your musical needs. obviously.

However it isn't just about musicals, there is a whole other world of theatre to explore. Here are 3 of the best:

Four of Matthew Bourne's ballets are available from

They are: Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet, The Car Man and Cinderella.

Available to rent from £5.99 or download with prices varying from £8.33 - £9.99

Fancy a bit of Willy?

Well, Willy Shakespeare* has made 40 of his shows available to rent or download at

Available from £4.99 to rent.

*It might not have been old Shakey himself that has done it on account of him being dead and all.

For all things dance, opera and theatre, check out

They offer a 14 day free trial and 30% off paid subscriptions.

Please remember if you are lucky enough to watch a piece of theatre for free, check if that website offers a donation service and give something if you can to keep theatre alive in the future.

Have you watched any of these?

Are there any more I have missed out?

or in the comments

I'd love help to find more to use for the threequel post which would essentially be 'Phantom 3: The Phantom queues to get into Tesco'


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