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West End Closures: June Update

The Society Of London Theatre (SOLT) have today issued a statement announcing that they are extending the closure of all West end theatres. They will now remain closed until August 2nd. This does not mean theatres will reopen on August 3rd. Further cancellations will be announced on a rolling basis.

The news doesn't come as a surprise unfortunately, as titles due to premiere in summer such as Hello Dolly and Joseph had already announced the postponement of their runs. Prior to this, SOLT had announced theatres would be closed until 28th June. As that date crept closer, it became apparent theatres would not be able to reopen on that date.

The full statement is below:

Meanwhile, several theatres have announced different dates:

TINA have announced they will remain closed until Saturday 29th August

&Juliet have announced they are closing until Friday 4th September

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have made a different announcement and said they will be remaining closed until Sunday 6th September

Broadway theatres are currently closed until September 6th. With both the UK and the US still seeing high death rates, it is likely we will reopen at similar times.

While this means it is going to be a long summer without trips to the theatre, there is no shortage of material available online to keep your theatre fix going. Keep checking back to see all the latest streams and concerts appearing online.

Remember, while it is a tough time for theatre now, this is only the interval. When it comes back for the second act, with our support, it can be stronger than ever.



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