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The Prince Of Egypt Extends Run To September 2021

In a week of sad and depressing news, The Prince Of Egypt have stepped in to give us some much needed positivity for the future of future.

The Stephen Schwartz show opened in February for a limited 39 week engagement, due to finish its run this Halloween. Obviously its run was cut short due to the pandemic closing theatres just one month into its run, and for a while it looked like when theatres do eventually reopen, it would be without The Prince of Egypt.

However, there can be miracles when you believe - today they have announced the show will be back with a vengeance when it is aafe to do so, announcing a new run starting from November 2nd (as long as it is safe for theatres to reopen then) and running until September 4th 2021 at the Dominion Theatre.

I'm pleased with this news. I went to the second preview of the show and it was a bit of a mess though had moments of brilliance sung as the incredible opening number 'Deliver Us'. I could tell the show had a lot of potential and had heard it had made some fantastic changes (like dropping the ridiculous flying tea towel moment) by the time it reached press night so was keen to give it another go myself.

Here's Alexia Khadime, Christine Allado and the cast of The Prince of Egypt with the beautiful rendition of the shows most famous song 'When You Believe'. The cast recording is out now.



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