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The Mousetrap To Reopen In May With Star Casting

It was due to be the first West End show to reopen last year before its plans got scuppered by changing guidelines but now it reclaims that title as The Mousetrap will officially be the first West End show to reopen with performances starting from Monday 17th May.

The world's longest running play will return with an all-star cast to celebrate a run lasting almost 70 years.

There will be two alternating casts.

Cast 1 features:

Cassidy Janson as Mollie Ralston

Danny Mac as Giles Ralston

Alexander Wolfe as Christopher Wren

Susan Penhaligon as Mrs Boyle

Derek Griffiths as Major Metcalf

Lizzie Muncey as Miss Casewell

David Rintoul as Mr Paravicini

Paul Hilliar as Detective Sergeant Trotter

They will perform 17 - 19 May, 28 May - 3 June, 11 - 17 June, 21 June - 1 July and 9 - 11 July

Cast 2 features:

Kate Tydman as Mollie Ralston

Nicholas Bailey as Giles Ralston

Joshua Griffin as Christopher Wren

Louise Jameson as Mrs Boyle

Paul Bradley as Major Metcalf

Sarah Moss as Miss Casewell

Tony Timberlake as Mr Paravicini

Charlie Clements as Detective Sergeant Trotter

They will perform 20 - 27 May, 4 - 10 June, 17 - 24 June and 2 - 8 July

Performances are now on sale from May 17th 2021 to January 30th 2022. Dates until July 4th are on sale with social distancing. Once government guidelines allow, it will return to a full capacity auditorium.

Tickets are on sale now from



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