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Review: Stuart Michael - The Psychic Medium (Wonderville)

By Rosie Holmes

A Psychic show is a completely new experience for me, and upon going to see Stuart Michael – The Psychic Medium I must confess I considered myself a sceptic. However, I was extremely open to being convinced otherwise. Having read several wonderful testimonials about Stuart’s work, I was excited to go along and see whether I could be converted into a believer on one of the first dates of his huge 42 date UK tour.

Stuart entered the stage, clearly comfortable in front of an audience, cracking a few light-hearted jokes to make the audience feel at ease. He outlined the rules of the show, something I was actually quite grateful for, being completely new to this genre of show. He explained he was a psychic medium, not only able to pick up on someone’s past, present and future but able to connect and deliver messages from those in the spirit world to those still on the earth plane. He explained that he would pick up on energies and find the right person in the audience to deliver messages to and would not force anyone to talk about anything they were uncomfortable with.

Stuart is clearly a natural performer, however what ensued was unfortunately not a show that convinced me in any way that what was really happening in front of us was a connection to the spirit world. Stuart moved through the audience, exclaiming as he did that he could see spirits or asking who in the audience the spirit was trying to reach. He did so with very vague claims such as I have a man here who died before his time or is anyone here thinking of moving overseas? Such broad claims that they will always resonate with at least one person in an audience of a few hundred people.

This brings me to something that I have found myself discussing with friends a lot recently after mentioning I was coming to this show, is this kind of show morally upstanding? I suppose the answer to that is dependent on whether you sit in the cynic or believer camp. Is a show like this capitalising on people’s grief? Repeatedly Stuart mentioned that the spirits he was picking up upon were people who had passed on before their time. I can’t help but feel many people who visit a show such as this are grieving those they lost in a tragic way and therefore Stuart is more likely to find an audience member who is hopeful and therefore more receptive to his vagueness. By using very broad descriptions, such as I have a middle-aged man with me, Stuart was able to easily find a recipient for his message from the dead, in the form of those desperately seeking comfort and closure in their grief. That being said, if these audience members are receiving comfort from his words, is that such a bad thing?

Stuart not only delivered messages from the spirit world but also interpreted the audience’s dreams. I suppose this was a nice way of including more of the audience as it involved voluntary participation rather than Stuart selecting groups of people. However, it did make for a rather dull 15 minutes or so. The interpretations were something I could have come up with myself. Working out why someone keeps dreaming of the same place from their past over and over again is clearly a sign they were happy there and not something that only an expert can interpret.

There were some nice moments in the show, and for the first half the audience seemed to enjoy the performance, with palpable anticipation to what might come next. However, as the show progressed I am afraid to say it did become a little dull and the energy and anticipation waned. Stuart Michael’s jokes and gentleness with the audience were at times commendable and he handled audience reactions or indeed audience silence well but there is no doubt this show needs to be refined to enable all 42 audiences of the UK tour to be entertained. Unfortunately, my intrigue and hope for a mystical and exciting evening was not realised. If you are frequenter of experiences like this or perhaps looking to connect with someone in the spirit world I am sure you will still have an interesting night but for now, this 2-hour long show is lacking a little pizazz.


Stuart Michael is currently on a UK tour, tickets can be purchased here- THEATRE TOUR | My Site 1 (

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