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Review: Jordan Luke Gage (Here At Outernet)

Review by Daz Gale

Over the last few years, Jordan Luke Gage has fast become one of the most recognised talents in the West End, building up a loyal fanbase for his leading roles in Bat Out Of Hell, &Juliet and Bonnie & Clyde. So it's surprising that he has never performed his own solo concert before. All that changed with two special concerts at the brand new high tech venue Here at Outernet. The question is taken away from the context of a show, would Jordan still manage to raise a little Hell?

For his debut concert, Jordan treated a sold out audience to a varied setlist which paid tribute to not just his musical theatre career but his life and personality with a selection of his favourites and artists that inspired him, allowing his devoted fanbase to get to know him even better. Opening with a double whammy of songs from Prince and Kings of Leon, Jordan went on to do a medley of songs that meant something to him growing up, ranging from David Bowie, Tina Turner, Queen to a bit of Aladdin. Annie Lennox and Radiohead were among the other artists Jordan paid respect to throughout the evening (though Cher was notably absent) with the main set culminating with another Prince song, this time his all time favourite 'Purple Rain'.

Jordans major roles so far were all represented in a well thought out concert that ensured there was something for everyone. Revisiting his time in Hair and &Juliet with crowd-pleasing numbers from both (complete with briliant backing during 'it's My Life' from the audience), he was joined by two special guests for his other musical outings. Reuniting with Christina Bennington who he starred alongside in Bat Out Of Hell and Heathers, they performed numbers from both, reminding everyone of the incredible chemistry they have and joking they always end up making out on stage... followed by a makeout session on stage. Christina also hilariously reappeared for a sole line during Jordans solo of 'Freeze Your Brain'.

His other special guest was the Bonnie to his Clyde - the incredible Frances Mayli McCann for a truly stunning 'Last Night Of The World' followed by a bit of Bonnie & Clyde. It was clear the audience were desperate to see that amazing pairing on stage again and they both teased it returning to the West End soon. Two days later and it's been officially announced it will be back next year, but two days is a long time in the world of theatre!

A highlight of the show came when Jordan spoke from the heart about supporting the LGBTQ+ community and his own experience coming to terms with his sexuality. Speaking so bluntly and honestly about his own struggle and acceptance clearly resonated with many in the audience, so the following performance of 'Revelation' backed by videos of him growing up was an unexpectedly emotional moment and an undoubted standout. Jordan also mentioned he was admirably raising money for Stonewall Housing - a link to which is at the bottom of this review.

If you have seen Jordan in any stage show, you will be aware of what an incredible talent he is. He has the kind of voice that will consistently blow you away with its versatility and range. Just when you think he can’t impress you anymore, he manages it effortlessly. Seeing Jordan in shows always had me longing for more so a full length concert where he could show off his incomparable vocals really was every bit as amazing as expected with him sounding better than ever before, given the opportunity to showcase his skills with nothing holding him back.

Backed with a fantastic band led by Katy Richardson and two fantastic backing singers in the form of Ross Harmon and Sarah Goggin, the music that came out of that stage was pure heaven with every inch of that stage bursting with talent. The actual stricture of the show had been so meticulously thought out to create a flowing story with more comedy littered throughout than you might have expected with plenty of banter from Jordan to his fellow musicians on that stage allowing a smattering of laugh out oud moments.

The setting of the concert made it even more special. Here at Outernet is a gorgeous little venue. Impressively high tech, it allows plenty of scope to play around with in terms of production with the lighting creating an atmospheric concert of the highest quality. It’s always great to see new performance spaces open in London and it looks like Here is going to be another favourite to attend.

Jordan has proved time and time again why he is one of the biggest and best talents the West End has to offer. Proving there is more to him than meets the eye, this concert was a testament to what an incredible and charismatic showman he really is. With a setlist full of surprises, the one consistency was the high level of his talent throughout. This may have been his first concert but it left me and the rest of the audience longing for more. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we’re treated to another full length concert from this phenomenal man as this really was one Hell of a show.



The Beautiful Ones (Prince cover)

Sex on Fire (Kiings of Leon cover)

Growing Up Medley:

A Whole New World (from Aladdin)/I Want To Break Free (Queen cover)/Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)/Private Dancer (Tina Turner cover)/Life On Mars (David Bowie cover)

I Put A Spell On You (Annie Lennox cover)

Stranger In This World (from Taboo)

This Woman's Work (Kate Bush cover)

Last Night Of The World (from Miss Saigon) (Duet with Frances Mayli McCann)

Too Late To Turn Back Now (from Bonnie & Clyde) (Duet with Frances Mayli McCann)

Creep (Radiohead cover)


It's My Life (from &Juliet)

It's All Coming Back To Me Now (from Bat Out Of Hell) (Duet with Christina Bennington)

Seventeen (from Heathers) (Duet with Christina Bennington)

Freeze Your brain (from Heathers)

Revelation (Troye Sivan and Jónsi cover)

I Got Life (from Hair)

Purple Rain (Prince cover)


Raise A Little Hell (from Bonnie & Clyde)

Bat Out Of Hell (from Bat Out Of Hell)

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Photos by Darren Bell



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