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How To Watch BOTH SMASH Musicals Online

If, like me, you are obsessed with the criminally underrated and short lived TV show 'Smash' you've come to the right place.

If you have never seen it, what's stopping you now? Use the extra time you might have to binge all 32 episodes and thank me later.

The first season of Smash told the story of two competing actresses, played by Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty, competing to play the lead in a new musical about Marilyn Monroe called Bombshell. The original plan was to actually make the musical and have it play on Broadway but that never happened.

Bombshell could have been an amazing musical. Some of the numbers from the show are among the best in musical theatre. Check out 'Let me be your star', 'They just keep moving the line' and 'Don't forget me' if you haven't before. The album is available to stream or download. Check out this showstopping number below:

In 2015 some of the cast of Smash got together for a one night only concert production of Bombshell. That production is now being available to watch online. The concert will be available to stream online next Wednesday 20th May at 8pm ET (That's 1am in the UK) from, PeopleTV and People's social platforms including (You'd think a post with so many references to People would be about Funny Girl)

The stream will also include a virtual reunion featuring most of the star studded cast including *deep breath*

Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing (as in Grace from Will & Grace), Leslie Odom Jr (the original Aaron Burr), Christian Borle, Jeremy Jordan and Andy Mientus, Will Chase, Jack Davenport and Krysta Rodriguez.

The stream is taking place to raise funds for The Actors Fund so dig deep if you can. (If you get the extra Smash pun from that, you get a gold star)


People (there's that word again) sometimes forget there was more to Smash than just Bombshell. Season 2 came along, introducing new characters and a brand new musical.

Say hello to Hit List.

Hit List was very different to Bombshell. Featuring a more varied style of songs to that of Bombshell, it set an interesting new tone to the show and shifted the story from two rival actresses to two rival shows. Some might say it wasn't as successful or as instant a classic as the first season but I personally feel this season held its own.

The story behind this show took a bit of inspiration from the creation of RENT including a tragedy before show night.

The songs from Hit List were written by a number of songwriters including Pasek & Paul (of Dear Evan Hansen and Greatest Showman fame), Marc Shaiman and Lucie Silvas and include the now classic 'Broadway Here I Come' which you will often find performed by various theatre stars.

In 2013, a concert production of Hit List was performed in Studio 54 in New York featuring original cast members Jeremy Jordan, Andy Mientus and Krysta Rodriguez. Benjamin Rauhala was the music director of that concert and has recently uploaded the whole concert to his YouTube where you can view it right now below:

Prepare to get your dancing shoes on for 'I'm Not Sorry' and have your heart broken on 'The Love I Meant To Say' .

Both musicals are incredible in themselves, and in lieu of full productions, this is the closest we can get to seeing these underrated shows on the stage.

Do you have a favourite of the two musicals? Or a favourite song from Smash?

How about a favourite star from the show? (I'm obsessed with 4 of them, don't make me choose!)



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