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Broadway's 'Diana' Musical To Be Filmed For Netflix Release

It has been announced that Diana: A True Musical Story will be filmed on Broadway for a future release on Netflix.

The show, based on the life of Princess Diana, had just started previews on Broadway when the pandemic forced theatres to close ahead of its planned opening night on March 31st. Now theatre fans around the world will get a chance to experience this brand new musical for themselves.

It will be recorded without an audience at Broadway's Longacre Theatre. The release date on Netflix is as yet unconfirmed but will be before the show reopens in May 2021. A cast recording is also due to take place for the show.

The producers of Diana have said: "We speak for the entire company when we say that we couldn't be more excited to finally be able share our show with theater lovers everywhere. Though there is no substitute for the live theater, we are honored to be a part of the quality entertainment that Netflix provides its subscribers worldwide."

Diana was written by Joe DiPetro and David Bryan who wrote the amazing Memphis. The cast includes Jeanna de Waal as Diana, Roe Hatrampf as Prince Charles and Judy Kaye as Queen Elizabeth,

Check out 'If' - one of the songs from the show below:

This is great news. Princess Diana is very close to the hearts of everybody in the UK and it will be interesting to see if this does her legacy proud. This could also be the start of a new precedent of more current shows being filmed so a wider audience are available to see it. The success of Hamilton on Disney+ may be partly to thank for this. Though more shows becoming available will always be a welcome decision. I for one am excited to give this a watch.


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