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Bonnie & Clyde: First Night Recap

One of the most exciting shows in the West End this year opened tonight as Bonnie & Clyde pitched up for a strictly limited season at the Arts theatre, following their acclaimed concerts at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in January - still my stagey highlight of 2022 so far. I was there tonight, in the front row, so read on to find out just what happened when Bonnie & Clyde came to town.

As with my other first night posts this will be a picture heavy look at the theatre, the stage and the curtain call with little bits of information about the show. If you're waiting for my actual review, you'll have to wait until April 19th/20th for that when I will be very excited to share my thoughts.

Last week the Arts theatre was host to The Choir Of Man including a working pub on stage. Now, they have decked out the foyer with posters fitting for the theme of the show. There is also a fan art section which is as yet empty, so get your drawings in as there's space for them.

New merchandise has been added that is different to the previous concert ones. A t-shirt, hoodie, magnet and pin are available featuring the gorgeous new artwork, while the programme is £10 as it is a glossy A4 sized one - a brogramme as another theatre once described it to me.

Here is a list of the amazing cast on stage. Hello to young Bonnies mum I was speaking to before the show:

When you get inside, the detail on the stage is exquisite, and this is just scratching the surface with far more surprises available once the show actually starts.

A new musical number 'Here In Our Hearts' has been added to the show:

The view from the front row is pretty good. The Arts has been described as having a high stage but there was no restriction. You may be craning your neck when they are at the front of it and it is VERY close but it's a fantastic view.

Curtain call pictures are allowed. Here's some pictures of the amazing cast.

There was also a lovely and seemingly spontaneous moment where the cast beckoned out the musicians to run out in front of them and take their own bow.

As for the show - I'll say more in my review next week, but it's safe to say it's pretty damn special. I'm fully expecting Frances Mayli McCann and Natalie McQueen to receive Olivier award nominations next year.

There were a few first night mishaps involving some pesky props - one hilarious moment where the car door flew open in the climactic moment, resolving in Jordan Luke Gage having to close it again while dead. But that's all the fun of the theatre?

A welcome addition to the West End, head on down to find out why this show is so good! And look out for my review on April 19th/20th.

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